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Welcome to the ACMHN website for research. I am honoured to make this brief introduction and I am pleased that we are able to explore and discuss research, using technology to bring people and material together and to examine research outcomes
for improvements in health, practice development and quality mental health care.

It is an exciting initiative.

The College recognises that the advancement of knowledge and practice in mental health depends on individuals interested and educated to conduct research and evaluation of practice. Only a small number of mental health nurses have that interest or even the opportunity to undertake formal research projects. Nevertheless all contemporary mental health nurses must engage in a culture that privileges practice based on critical appraisal of scientific evidence.

Research is a systematic way of obtaining and examining evidence for practice, for solving mental health care problems and for exploring health care issues. This website enables mental health nurses to participate in discussions concerning research
and practice in an accessible way.

Many authors note the importance of MH nursing research. Edward and Welch (2011) state that it

  • Facilitates safe and effective practice
  • Increases the likelihood of providing the correct treatment and care
  • Promotes consistency across complex clinical settings (here and globally)
  • Promotes equity among health professional groups regarding knowledge and skills
  • Assists in the development of contextualised protocols
  • Synthesises a range of available data into manageable and usable forms
  • Allows others to engage with experts and use their knowledge and opinion to inform practice

The College values and promotes a philosophy of inquiry and encourages the interrogation of practice. We hope this website will begin to provide the necessary infrastructure to assist mental health nurses to engage with the evidence-based practice agenda and creating an environment that supports mental health nurses to make decisions based on best available evidence. By doing this, the college actively promotes interdisciplinary collaboration in clinical decision-making.

This website attempts to bring broad aspects of a research agenda together and over time promote practice that is supported and sustained by the evidence that is generated, translated and utilised by mental health nurses.

I congratulate the College for establishing this valuable tool to bring people together to discuss and develop mental health nursing research. Obviously mental health nurses are undertaking many research projects and we see this every time we pick up a journal such as the IJMHN and we can read excellent accounts of them. In addition, we see extraordinary work being  undertaken by mental health nurses in their daily practice. This work needs to be examined, evaluated and disseminated to others. This website is an excellent opportunity for clinicians and researchers to come together to examine practice to put things in place to develop a cultures of enabling and sharing.

I hope users of this website find it a valuable resource and that strong connections are made that lead to the development of further research projects to improve mental health nursing practice.


Wendy Cross
President, ACMHN
March 2014


Edward, K. & Welch, A. (2011). Evidence-based practice in mental health. In Edward, K. Munro, I., Robins, A., & Welch, A. (Eds). Mental Health Nursing: Dimensions of Praxis. Sydney: Oxford University Press.


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