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Psychopharmacology and Mental Health Webinar

Improve your ability to identify and manage the mental health conditions associated with psychopharmacology by viewing this webinar.

The webinar featured a facilitated interdisciplinary panel discussion of a topical case study.

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• Ms Jenni Bryant (mental health nurse / clinical nurse consultant)
• Associate Professor Shane Bullock (psychopharmacology researcher)
• Associate Professor Christine Neville (mental health nurse)

The webinar was facilitated by clinical psychologist, Mr Paul O'Halloran.

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Learning objectives
By participating in this webinar, nurses working in chronic disease will have improved knowledge and skills to identify and manage mental health conditions associated with psychopharmacology. At the completion of the webinar, you will be better able to:

  • understand, recognise and screen for mental health issues in the context of psychopharmacology
  • engage patients in awareness raising conversations about the relationship between psychopharmacology, mental health and mental wellbeing
  • through an improved understanding of the role of allied health providers, discuss treatment options with the patient and/or make or recommend appropriate and timely referrals.


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Psychopharmacology and Mental Health Webinar from ACMHN on Vimeo.