About Mental Health Professionals' Network

MHPN is a unique government initiative targeted at improving interdisciplinary mental health practice and collaborative care within Australia. MHPN supports primary mental health practitioners through local networks and an online professional development webinar program.

MHPN networks are local forums where interdisciplinary mental health practitioners meet voluntarily to connect and collaborate, and to improve referral pathways and consumer care. Members include mental health nurses, psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, GPs and OTs.


Project partners

The core purpose of MHPN is to improve interdisciplinary and collaborative care practices between mental health professionals. MHPN works with member, partner and other organisations, as well as professional associations.

MHPN is supported by its key partners, including:

 Australian College of Mental Health Nurses
 The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners
 Australian Psychological Society
 The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists.
 Australian Association of Social Workers
 Occupational Therapy Australia

Organisational collaborations

Additionally, MHPN works with a range of organisations to promote collaboration at all levels:

 between practitioners from different disciplines
 with consumers and carers
 between government, organisations and service providers.


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