Finance, Audit and Risk Committee


The Finance, Audit and Risk Committee is appointed by the ACMHN Board and reports directly to the Board. It has jurisdiction across all ACMHN activities and ACMHN Officers are required to support the Committee in the achievement of its objectives. The Committee does not, however, have any Executive powers, but it may seek independent advice and support when it considers it is warranted and following consultation with the Chief Executive and/or Board.

 The primary function (be delegated power of the ACMHN Board of Directors) of the Finance, Audit and Risk Committee is to:

  • Improve the quality of financial and risk management within the ACMHN
  • Provide greater accountability and oversight of ACMHN’s financial management and accounting practices
  • Take an active interest in and promote an ethical culture within the ACMHN, including independently overseeing corporate conduct, practices and procedures (e.g. conflicts of interest issues)
  • Provide a forum where the views of Board members, organisational members, executive management and auditors can be discussed and assessed in relation to finance, governance and risk management.
  • Examine selected projects or issues as directed by the Board