Annual Members Meeting & Executive Meetings

The CL SIG meets at the Annual Members' Meeting which is held in conjunction with the annual CL SIG conference.

The CL SIG Executive meets 4 times per year via teleconference.




CLSIG Conference 2017

Presentations from the Conference

The Mystery that Heals - - Alan Moore

These boots weren’t made for walking: the ‘TOL’ of trauma in the Northern Territory - Ali Thorn

Healing spaces: Strengthening nurses’ resilience in the face of emotional adversity and trauma spaces - Cynthia Delgado

Girt by Sea - Debbie Lewis

The tools of trauma; the tools of treatment - Geraldine White

Law Number Three: At a Cardiac Arrest, the First Procedure is to Take Your Own Pulse - Jean Mehrtens

Trauma & Transformation through Relationship & Clinical Supervision - Julie Sharrock

Stones have feelings too: A DBT informed response to a refugee from the DRC - Leigh Peterson

Parenting with Feeling: Responding to Trauma in Early Relationships - Louise Newman

Creation of a safe professional sanctuary: Clinical supervision as a means of purposeful reflection, transformation and growth - Paul Spurr & Sue Harvey

Adult & Mother Baby Withdrawal Service - Rose McCrohan

A Mental Health Nurses Lived Experience as a Trauma Patient - Sarah Kavanagh

Perinatal Mental Health Clinical Practice Guidelines - Suzanne Higgins

Early Interaction - Todd Bagshaw

Not just “morning sickness” - Tracey Mackle

A Paradigm Shift for Future Clinical Practice - Yvette Strawbridge



CLSIG Conference 2016

Presentations from the Conference

I am large, I contain multitudes (of cultures) Anderson-Noorgard

The social relations of general health professionals in the provision of care to people with serious mental illness in general hospital wards:a constructivist grounded theory study Scott Brunero

Examining capacity assessment and consent processes in patients with delirium Scott Lamont

Case Study ‘T’, Play in the ED: Emergency Psychotherapy and other contradictions in terms Duncan Loasby

Overcoming a culture of “sedate-intubate” for patients presenting with acute behavioural disturbances or acute psychoses to a regional Australian hospital Leigh Peterson

Meaning Making When Things Don't Make Sense Julie Sharrock

Consultation Liaison Mental Health Alice Springs Ali Thorn

Working with a Culture of Blame Tim Wand

Current Cultural Thinking on Overnight Care of Infants and Young CHhildren Following Parental Separation
Yvette Strawbridge

When Cultures Collide Julie Furguson

Embracing the Technology of Culture with Young Mothers Helen Mack