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Introduction to the program

pregnancy2Pregnancy and motherhood impact on women in different ways.

For some women, the experience is joyfully planned and happily anticipated, for others, a pregnancy may be an unwelcome shock that causes emotional distress and creates confusion. Some women, regardless of whether they have planned a pregnancy or not, will have concerns about pregnancy related issues – such as genetic abnormalities, previous stillbirth or fear of labour. Or, they will be confronted with other issues affecting them physically, emotionally or psychologically e.g. domestic violence, postnatal depression or difficulty adjusting to the role of motherhood.

The impact that this experience has on each woman is unique and will be coloured by her current and past experiences, her long and short-term life goals, and her relation-ships and support networks.

As nurses and midwives, how we respond to the questions and emotional responses of women in the perinatal period is vital to a positive outcome for the woman. Use of a non-directive approach provides information and support in a way that will assist the woman to understand and contemplate her options, and acknowledge and interpret her thoughts, feelings and emotions associated with the pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood.

The aim of this online CPD program is to provide Mental Health Nurses (MHN) other Registered Nurses (RN) and Midwives with:

  • background information about the issues surrounding pregnancy and motherhood, including the options and possible outcomes that should be considered where someone is unsure about whether or not to continue their pregnancy
  • an overview of a non-directive approach towards working with women in the perinatal period, and
  • an opportunity to develop self-awareness around your own attitudes, values and beliefs surrounding pregnancy, unintended pregnancy and termination of pregnancy, in order to more effectively work with women during this period of their life.

In addition you will be provided with information regarding accessing related Government and non-government support services, benefits and entitlements; links to relevant websites and a recommended reading list should you wish to further expand your knowledge base.