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Medicare MHNIP Guidelines and Updates

Medicare administers the Mental Health Nurse Incentive Program.

Program guidelines, application forms and updates are available on the Medicare website.



Do you want to engage a Credentialed Mental Health Nurse under the MHNIP?

Are you a Credentialed Mental Health Nurse seeking to be engaged under the MHNIP?

Please see our Recruitment pages for advertisements and further details.


How it all works: The ACMHN MHNIP Toolkit

The ACMHN has developed a toolkit to assist mental health nurses in establishing a MHNIP practice. It is a good idea to read through the toolkit before you enter into any negotiations regarding engagement or employment options. Check out the toolkit now!



December 2011 Update

April 2011 Update

September 2010 Update

April 2010 Update


Frequently Asked Questions


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