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About Endorsement

The Australian College of Mental Health Nurses Accreditation Committee receives applications from providers of professional events, educational activities or products, to review and endorse their products. We assess all applications according to the guidelines we have established - these include issues such as whether or not the organisation is a reputable provider, whether their program is of high quality, whether it is evidence based and consistent with contemporary mental health practice, issues and trends.


If you are a provider seeking endorsement of your professional event, educational activity or product, click here.

If you would like to see a list of professional events, educational activities or products endorsed by the ACMHN, click here.


Endorsement with the ACMHN


Non-ACMHN Providers

Providers are required to submit an application for endorsement to the ACMHN Accreditation Committee

Please ensure that all aspects of the application are completed prior to submission and ensure you allow a minimum of six weeks for the evaluation of your application prior to the event's commencement.

Download the Endorsement Application Package in PDF or WordDoc.


More Information

See our media kit for more information about endorsement


Why does the ACMHN offer an ACCREDITATION & ENDORSEMENT process?

As part of its role as the peak professional organisation representing mental health nurses, the ACMHN endorses professional events, educational activities and products deemed to be appropriate for members of the profession.

The ACMHN works on behalf of the members to advance the quality, status and recognition of the mental health nursing profession, to promote public confidence in mental health nursing, and to enhance the mental health of the community.

It is important that members of the profession and the community are confident that an event, activity or mental health nursing program meets the standards set by the ACMHN.

The endorsement and accreditation service provided by the ACMHN is designed to address this important professional and community need.


What is endorsement?

Endorsement is a process by which professional events, educational activities and products are assessed and given recognition by the ACMHN, in relation to a pre-determined set of criteria appropriate for the professional development of mental health nurses.


What is accreditation?

Accreditation is a process by which post-graduate mental health nursing education programs are evaluated and accredited by the ACMHN, in relation to a pre-determined set of criteria appropriate for the development of the profession of mental health nursing. To read more about accreditation and the National Framework, see our National Framework Portal.


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