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Mental Health Podcasts Series: Second episode now available online

The podcast and further information about the project can be accessed here 

Mental Health Professional Online Development (MHPOD)


Mental Health Professionals Network


Intellectual disability mental health eLearning


Children of Parents with a Mental Illness


Beyond Blue: Detecting and managing perinatal mental health disorders in primary care


Mental Health First Aid




Royal College of Psychiatry UK


Australian Psychological Society: Working with people affected by forced adoption – training for mental health professionals



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 Mental Health and Primary Care eLearning.


NOW RELEASED - Modules 1-4! 

These FREE (until 31 December 2018) Level 1 CPD eLearning modules have been designed with input from nurses working in primary care and other experts, are evidence based, and include real life scenarios that primary care nurses experience in day-to-day practice. 

The Mental Health Essentials eLearning program has been developed by the ACMHN, with funding from the Australian Government Department of Health, to support nurses working in general practice and primary care to develop their knowledge, skills and confidence to incorporate mental health into day-to-day practice. This program will help you to work to the Mental Health Practice Standards for Nurses in Australian General Practice. 

The program includes 5 x 1 hour Level 1 modules, which you can do one at a time, or all in one sitting. We estimate it will take you between 30 to 60 minutes to complete each of the following modules:

Module 1: About mental health

Module 2: About mental illness and ways to engage

Module 3: Therapeutic approaches for everyday practice

Module 4: Mental health assessment, risk assessment and (care) planning

Module 5: Referral, documentation and care coordination (not yet released)


CLICK HERE to sign-up and get started! (Please note that your browser will open up in a new window and take you to the eLearning portal where you will need to sign-up for an account.) 


Level 2 Workshops - Register NOW for the workshop close to you - spaces are limited!

Mental Health Nurse Academic, Associate Professor Natisha Sands will be facilitating the level 2 one day workshop which will build on the underpinning knowledge and understanding gained from the above eLearning modules. 

The workshop will focus on practical skills to assist you to apply the learning to your own practice. You will have an opportunity to analyse and discuss a situation/s to determine the best approach and begin to develop solutions that are discreet to your workplace, patients, and practice.

Registration fee for attendees will be $100.00 (no discounts or concession rates available). 

6 hours CPD points will be allocated for attendance at the one day workshop.


REGISTER HERE for any of the Level 2 Workshops. Please note, the eLearning 1 modules will be assumed learning prior to attending on the day.

For further information, email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Mental Health Practice Standards for Nurses in Australian General Practice

1 GPN StandardsFC   

Practice standards define and describe the practice of nurses, and in this instance, aim to guide practice and support the delivery of stepped mental health care by nurses working in general practice and other primary health care settings. 

These Practice Standards have built on the Australian and Nursing Midwifery (ANMF) National Practice Standards for Nurses working in Australian general practice. They provide an important framework against which nurses can self-assess their professional development needs and adjust their clinical practice to ensure that every person seen in the primary care setting has their mental health needs considered and addressed as appropriate.

The Mental Health Practice Standards is free to download:

Download the electronic version here or contact ACMHN National Office on (02) 6285 1078 to find out how you can get a hardcopy document. 



The ACMHN would like to acknowledge the Department of Health for funding the development of the Mental Health Practice Standards and the eLearning Mental Health Essentials Project 2017-2018.


Updated 12 July 2018


Conference presentations from the ACMHN




The College has obtained access to a number of presentations from different Conferences, that may be of interest to you.

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Margaret Doherty from ACMHN on Vimeo.



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Psychopharmacology and Mental Health Webinar

Improve your ability to identify and manage the mental health conditions associated with psychopharmacology by viewing this webinar.

The webinar featured a facilitated interdisciplinary panel discussion of a topical case study.

Preview the panel
• Ms Jenni Bryant (mental health nurse / clinical nurse consultant)
• Associate Professor Shane Bullock (psychopharmacology researcher)
• Associate Professor Christine Neville (mental health nurse)

The webinar was facilitated by clinical psychologist, Mr Paul O'Halloran.

Download panellists' bios


Learning objectives
By participating in this webinar, nurses working in chronic disease will have improved knowledge and skills to identify and manage mental health conditions associated with psychopharmacology. At the completion of the webinar, you will be better able to:

  • understand, recognise and screen for mental health issues in the context of psychopharmacology
  • engage patients in awareness raising conversations about the relationship between psychopharmacology, mental health and mental wellbeing
  • through an improved understanding of the role of allied health providers, discuss treatment options with the patient and/or make or recommend appropriate and timely referrals.


View the webinar recording


Psychopharmacology and Mental Health Webinar from ACMHN on Vimeo.


Webcasts from the ACMHN




The College is currently developing a series of webcasts, on a range of topics including:

  • Tips for academic and formal writing
  • Comorbid substance use in people with mental disorders
  • Harm reduction in substance use and mental health
  • Smoking and mental health
  • Mental health assessment in an emergency care situation
  • Mental health of refugees and asylum seekers
  • Phatic chat
  • Emotional intelligence
  • 'Recovery-oriented' approaches
  • Health promotion and social inclusion
  • The meaning of resilience to people with schizophrenia
  • and many more!

Each webcast will be between 30mins and 1 hour, and will include a short multiple choice quiz at the end. 


Once a number of these have been completed, they will be made available here, so stay tuned!