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Clinical Supervision Position Statement

It is the position of the Australian College of Mental Health Nurses Inc that:

  • Clinical Supervision is a core component of contemporary professional mental health nursing practice and central to practicing within the ACMHN Standards of Practice for Australian Mental Health Nurses: 2010.
  • Mental health service employers positively support and actively promote demonstrably efficacious Clinical Supervision, through organisational policies, procedures and workplace culture.
  • All mental health nurses, and nurses working in mental health facilities, be fully orientated to Clinical Supervision upon entry to the mental health workforce and thereafter engage in sustained and meaningful Clinical Supervision, whatever their role and wherever they practice.
  • Supervisors access appropriate bona fide educational preparation for this role and, whether Clinical Supervision is delivered in dyads or within groups.
  • Regular systematic evaluations of the quality and efficacy of Clinical Supervision arrangements be undertaken at local service level.
  • The ACMHN undertakes to actively promote each of these positions and lobby funding agencies to consider large-scale robust programs of outcomes-related research at State and National levels, to further strengthen the evidence base of Clinical Supervision and to justify continued investment of public funds.

Endorsed by the Board of Directors

December 2011


Clinical Supervision Agreement

pdfACMHN Clinical Supervision Agreement


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