Books, Books and more books... by Members!

The ACMHN is proud to support our very talented members who have been involved in the publication of books related to mental health nursing and/or mental health - either as editors, writers or contributors.

We are pleased to offer you the following recommendations (listed in no particular order):


Karen-leigh Edward, Chris Alderman (2013) Psychopharmacology: Practice and Contexts. Oxford University Press

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Catherine Hungerford, Richard Clancy, Donna Hodgson, Tony Jones, Anthony Harrison, and Chris Hart (2012) Mental Health Care: an Introduction for Health Professionals. Wiley Blackwell, QLD

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Patricia Barkway (2009) Psychology for Health Professionals. Churchill Livingstone, Sydney.

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Gerard Byrne & Christine Neville (2009) Community Mental Health for Older People. Elsevier, Sydney

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Dr Karen-leigh Edward, Dr Ian Munro, Alan Robins & Anthony Welch (2011) Mental Health Nursing: Dimensions of Praxis. Oxford University Press

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Ruth Elder, Katie Evans, Debra Nizette (2012) Psychiatric & Mental Health Nursing: 3rd Edition. Mosby Elsevier, Sydney.

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Brenda Happell, Leanne Cowin, Cath Roper, Kim Foster & Rose McMaster (2008) Introducing Mental Health Nursing: A Consumer Oriented Approach. Allen & Unwin Sydney.

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clinsuperhappell Lisa Lynch, Kerrie Hancox, Brenda Happell and Judith Parker  (2008) Clinical Supervision for Nurses. Wiley-Blackwell, Oxford.

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Margaret McAllister, (2006) Solution Focused Nursing: Rethinking Practice. Palgrave Macmillan UK

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Eimear Muir-Cochrane, Patricia Barkway, Debra Nizette (2010) Mosby's Pocket Book of Mental Health. Mosby Elsevier, Sydney.

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Debra Nizette, Margaret McAllister, Peta Marks (2012) Stories in Mental Health. Elsevier, Sydney

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Books by Non-Members...

Ok, we admit that there are some non-members who write great books too!

Here are some books we can recommend:


Phil Barker (Ed) (2009) Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing: The Craft of Caring 2nd Edition. Hodder Arnold. UK

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Note: many College members contributed to the development of this publication


Sandy Jeffs (2010) Flying with Paper Wings. SANE 2010 Book of the Year

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Award-winning poet and SANE Speaker Sandy Jeffs has lived with a severe form of
schizophrenia for over thirty years. Since diagnosis in 1976, Sandy has experienced
periods of depression, suicidal thoughts and psychosis. As part of her treatment,
Sandy has been prescribed countless medications and had multiple stays in
psychiatric hospitals and clinics. With sincerity and candour, Sandy shares her story: from an abusive childhood, in which she witnessed her father beat her mother, to an adolescence torn apart by a traumatic sexual assault, to a dramatic descent into suicidal withdrawal and psychosis at the age of 23. She also reflects on what helps her cope.

‘Flying with Paper Wings offers a privileged insight into the experience of managing a
severe mental illness,’ says SANE Australia’s Executive Director Barbara Hocking


Michael Birch (2011) Mediating Mental Health: Contexts, Debates and Analysis

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Mediating Mental Health offers a detailed critical analysis of therepresentation of mental health conditions across a range of fictionaland factual genres in film, television and radio, thus presenting anunderstanding of the ways in which media forms construct a mentalhealth space, portray the related realities and identities, organizemeaning about mental health through language, and addressesaudiences in respect of a range of mental health issues.


Suzette Poole (ED) Changing Times, Changing Places: From Tokanui Hospital to Mental Health Services in the Waikato 1910-2012

As Waikato's mental health sector undergoes its biggest change in years, a book has been launched highlighting the last 100 years of mental health services in the Waikato and combines factual history with peoples personal stories written in their own words.


Anthea Simcock with Lee-Anne Duncan Hidden in Front of Us

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Twenty four adult survivors of child abuse share their experiences of being children who desperately needed an adult to stand up for them. They also share their ideas about what could have been done to help. Their words and stories provide an insight into what each of us can do when we have a concern about a child.