Accredited Post Graduate Mental Health Nursing programs


The following postgraduate mental health nursing university courses can be recommended by the ACMHN as having met the standards for the profession and the criteria required in the National Framework for Postgraduate Mental Health Nursing Education.




Graduate Diploma in Mental Health (Nursing)

Masters in Mental Health (Nursing)

ACU’s Master of Mental Health (Nursing) has been developed as a course specifically for clinicians entering into the specialist area of Mental Health and aims to develop in graduates knowledge and skills at a specialist and advanced level.
The program is offered online, but with three units in the Graduate Certificate each having a 2-day intensive block (in either Brisbane, Melbourne or North Sydney).

Accredited: 19 February 2016 - 19 February 2021



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Graduate Diploma in Mental Health Nursing

The Graduate Diploma of Mental Health Nursing from CQUniversity will prepare you to practice within the specialist field of mental health nursing. The provision of quality person-centred, recovery-oriented approach to mental health care delivery are major underpinnings of this program. As a student of this program you will explore the social and political context of contemporary mental health practice with particular attention to an exploration of mental health nursing practice within the recovery model and recovery orientated strategies for mental health practice. 

For more information on this program please visit the CQUniversity website here.

Accredited: 7 March 2016 - 7 March 2019



The ACMHN National Framework and Accreditation process were developed as part of a project funded by QHealth. The Framework was tested and the accreditation process piloted during 2014 with two universities. During the pilot period, the accreditation process included three possible levels of accreditation - Preliminary Accreditation (for programs under development), Provisional Accreditation (for new programs without graduate evidence) and Full Accreditation (for established programs with graduate evidence).

During the ACMHN Board's review of the final project documentation, a determination was made that the categories of Preliminary and Provisional Accreditation were not necessary to the process. It was felt that a program should either meet the criteria for accreditation, or not. As such, the ACMHN accreditation process includes only full Accreditation.

The CQUniversity, which participated in the pilot process, applied for the accreditation of a new program - at that time, meeting all the criteria for Preliminary Accreditation. Subsequent to the pilot, the CQUniversity mental health team have met the criteria for Provisional Accreditation, as it was structured during the pilot process. The ACMHN Board of Directors have determined that while this category of accreditation will not be offered to any other organisation, as this was the iteration of the framework under which CQUniversity participated in the pilot and made their initial application, therefore Provisional accreditation will be awarded by the ACMHN Board of Directors as a one-off.