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Joining a Branch Committee

The ACMHN has Branches throughout Australia. College Branches are formally constituted to provide professional leadership, support, and representation of mental health nurses in their region.

A Branch Executive is elected annually by members of the Branch, providing management and leadership of all regional operations and wider representation of College and professional issues at State and national levels.

Branch members (mental health nurses) work throughout all metropolitan, rural and remote areas of Australia in the public and private health sectors, hospital, community, primary health care/general practice and tertiary education across clinical, management, health administration, research, and education fields.

Branches hold annual regional and local conferences, run skills workshops and professional seminars (hosting invited national and international guest speakers and scholars), and hold education forums and general meetings for members.

Elections for Committee positions are held every year, coinciding with the AGM of each Branch.

To find out more, go to and click the name of the state in which you reside!


Joining a Special Interest Group and/or the Committee of one

Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are groups established by members of ACMHN who have an interest in facilitating, advancing and promoting a particular area of interest in mental health on behalf of the ACMHN. As part of the ACMHN membership package, members are offered the opportunity to join a SIG.

SIGs provide a network for members with shared interests and expertise to participate in the development of the specialist interest, exchange views, disseminate information, provide support, promote research, and organise activities such as conferences.


The ACMHN has a number of SIGs


How does a SIG operate?

Special Interest Groups are run by members and operate under the Constitution of the ACMHN and a Terms of Reference document.

Each SIG has a committee, elected by the SIG membership, which is presided over by a Chairperson. Development and support is managed by the SIG committee through various activities which it determines.

The ACMHN provides a web based communication facility for the SIG and manages the finances of the SIG. The SIG reports to the ACMHN Board.

Elections for Committee positions are held every year, coinciding with the AGM of each SIG.

To find out more about each SIG, or to join one, click on one of the links above.


Event organising

Throughout the year, the College holds numerous events across Australia. All of these events are organised in part by volunteers from within the local Branch. To find out what events are coming up in your area, check out our Calendar of Events.

To join the organising committee for an event near you, get in touch with your Branch Committee and volunteer your services! You can find the contact details for your Branch Committee on the relevant Branch page of our website.


Being part of an Expert Reference Group

A number of the College projects and activities make use of Expert Reference Groups to inform and guide the processes. Keep an eye out calls for participants in Tuesday Times, news magazine and via individual emails to members.


Becoming a Credentialing Peer Reviewer

Over the last few years, the ACMHN has experienced a considerable increase in the number of applications for the award of Credentialed Mental Health Nurse™ (CMHN). While some of this initial growth was influenced by the opportunity for mental health nurses to be recognised as eligible mental health workers under Commonweath Government initiatives, the trend has continued.The credentialing process involves a committed team of CMHNs who are Peer Reviewers. Peer review is fundamental to the quality of the Credential for Practice Program and the transparency of assessment of applications for credentialing. From time to time, the team is expanded with new members, but the increase in applications has placed quite a bit of pressure on those members of the ACMHN who have chosen to be volunteer Peer Reviewers.

The role of Peer Reviewers is to review each application against the criteria for credentialing. The peer review process verifies whether the application satisfies the criteria and identifies any issues that impact on the applicant meeting the standards. Prior to the review, applications are prcessed through the National Office to ensure all documentation required is complete. Applications that are complete according to the Guidelines for Applications are then forwarded to a Peer Reviewer.

The Credential for Practice Program is always looking for Credentialed Mental Health Nurses™ to join the team of Peer Reviewers. Please contact the Ellie Wilson on (02) 6285 1078 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you are be interested in taking up this role.

More information about peer reviewers and the Credential for Practice Program can be found here. 


Consulting on policies and submissions

From time to time, the College is asked to respond to policy documents and consultations. To ensure a well-rounded response, we will sometimes ask for the help of members who work in particular areas of mental health nursing (relevant to the document or consultation).

Keep an eye out on Tuesday Times for information about such requests.



Become an Endorsement Application Assessors (EAAs) on behalf of the ACMHN Accreditation Committee

The Accreditation Committee has established a program of ACMHN endorsement for educational events and products awarding continuing professional education points for mental health nurse.


EAAs will be required to:

  • be available to assess endorsement applications submitted to the ACMHN Accreditation Committee;
  • provide a written summary with recommendations about the suitability of the application for endorsement to the Accreditation Committee; and
  • be available for appointment for a period of up to three years.

The following criteria should be addressed in your expression of interest:

  • current/financial member of the ACMHN;
  • demonstrated relevant qualifications in education or equivalent; and
  • demonstrated experience in programme development, implementation and evaluation.

It is anticipated that:

  • you will be available to undertake up to six assessments per year; and
  • each endorsement application assessed will attract three CPP points.


Please forward your expression of interest to:

The Chief Executive Officer
Australian College of Mental Health Nurses
PO Box 154, Deakin West, ACT 2600
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the subject heading: Endorsement Assessor



Tax and Volunteers

Read the ACMHN's fact sheet about Tax and Volunteers