Credentialing Committee

ACMHN Credential for Practice Program (ACMHN CPP)®


The Credentialing Committee was established in September 2004 at the International Conference in Canberra. Members of the previous Credentialing Steering Committee, established in 1999, continued to serve as the inaugural Committee for a further 2 years. Following consultations in 2006, the Committee was re-constituted in line with the College strategic direction. The Committee is accountable to the ACMHN College Board. 


The Committee provides for 7 members, including the Chair. Four members of the Committee are drawn from the membership of the College. Two external independent members can also be appointed. The College President, Chief Executive Officer, Policy and Stakeholder Engagement Manager and the Credentialing Officer are ex-officio members of the Committee.  

Members of the Credentialing Committee 

  • Greg Neilson Chairperson
  • Christine Ashley 
  • Elizabeth Martin
  • Donna Hodgson
  • Catherine Hangan
  • Strephon Billinghurst
  • Robert Silburn


The primary function (by delegated power of the ACMHN Board of Directors) of the
Credentialing Committee (the “Committee”) is to oversee and provide effective governance of
the ACMHN Credential for Practice Program (CPP) by:

  • providing strategic direction for ongoing development and sustainability of the CPP,
  • ensuring the CPP meets the needs of the profession and is consistent with the standard
  • of practice for mental health nurses set by the ACMHN,
  • maintaining the integrity and credibility of the CPP and the ACMHN,
  • overseeing appeals, complaints and grievances procedures, and
  • providing advice to ACMHN Board, and Committees regarding credentialing

Terms of Reference for the Committee 


The Committee meets either bi-monthly or quarterly, depending on workload. Meetings may be in the form of teleconference and face to face meetings. More Information

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